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UEFA Champions League

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Mostly football fans begin to notice that they quite often predict the results of matches and guess the scores. They correctly identify who scores just because always analyze football news. As a result, there is a desire to make money on accurate predictions, and the question arises: how to bet on football?

There are many different betting sites, offering its customers a wide range of services in determining the results of matches. Football betting is not limited to predicting the winner. Serious offices in the line can give more than 100 betting options for just one game, which allows finding a profitable bet on football. The betting sites have money: you need to learn how to bet on sports.

Common truth of football bets

The basis of the bet on the football match is always taking odds on the victory of one of the team and a draw. These rates are primary, and in some way, they estimate in bookmaker office. The lower the odds, the more likely the team will win. Such a coefficient may differ in different offices, which further enhances the possibility of selecting the optimal rate.

Beginners who decide to learn how to bet on football and who still do not even know how to bet correctly, most often begin to bet on “clean” results, i.e., in such a bet, it is enough to determine the winner or predict a draw outcome. Such an approach to betting cannot bring big money in the long run.

For example, if, in the framework of the Champions League, Real Madrid will play at home with the Icelandic team Habnarfjörður, the Spaniards win rate will be around 1.03 – 1.05. This rate will play in 99% of cases, but the gain will be the too small amount. There is a desire to understand how to bet on football profitably and correctly.

Handicap as a way to enrich

The evidence of the victory of Real Madrid does not mean at all that this match cannot bring good money. In rates, there is such a thing as “handicap.” Handicap is an addition to the result of the match. A handicap of -1.5 on the first team will mean that 1.5 will take away from the number of goals scored by the first team. If she wins with a difference of two or more goals, the bet will play.

Returning to the example of Premier League betting and “Real,” you can bet on the odds of -2.5 or even -3.5, which will have a much larger ratio. Also, a slight increase in the coefficient will be at a bet on winning in the first half. However, one has to be very careful here, since the fate of the bets on a football match is decided in the second half when the proximity of the final whistle pushes the players to severe achievements.

Attention to total

To learn how to bet on football, you need to pay attention to such a concept as Total. This type of bet determines the number of goals scored. Moreover, the total is offering in an over / under format. Football is well suited for such a gamble, because it matches, most of the goals scored.

Total more than 2.5 on the result of the match means that more than three goals will score, Total Less. 2.5 – less than three goals. Experienced players often use this type of prediction due to relatively high odds.

Here also, not everything is smooth, because the edge in one goal is somewhat slippery and in an instant, the bet can lose. Totals can be placed both on the overall outcome of the match and on a separate team. Along with the totals, it is worth mentioning the “both score” bet. The case of winning it is quite apparent: both sides must score at least one goal against the opponent. As a result, there is a massive selection of bets on football matches, opening up excellent prospects for making big money.

Experience in Premier League odds is priceless

With experience comes an understanding of how to bet on football with maximum cash return. Do not be afraid to lose; football is a love of all fans because of its unpredictability, so even the most seasoned forecasters experience flaws. The main thing is to go into a plus and not get hung up on unsuccessful results.

Such cases in football are sporadic, but they cannot be excluded entirely either. Such rash betting on football matches can be checked from time to time by betting small amounts of money. An occasional sensational victory will bring a lot of positive emotions and increase confidence in the serious profitability of football betting. However, such a recommendation can hardly be considered good advice on how to bet on sports.

If you set a serious goal to figure out how to bet on football, you need to examine the full range of proposed bets carefully. Do not rush off the bat and immediately put all your money.

For a start, it makes sense to try to make football bets online for small amounts to assess your level. Forecasts – dispersion lesson, in which there are black and white stripes. Several annoying losses can replace a series of confident victories. You should always remember about possible troubles and be ready to bear such a blow of fate because no one can teach how to bet on football without defeat.

Football betting secrets

Online football betting can be a significant source of income if you make a serious effort. Information gathering, pre-match analysis viewing the best offers from bookmakers, is the basis for choosing a bet.

When thinking about how to bet on football, you need to remember that belief in the victory of your favorite team should not outweigh the apparent facts. Injuries, coach’s illness, poor psychological state, gambling recession – all of this can easily affect the seemingly obvious victory of the favorite team.

It is a widespread mistake for newbies; its elimination can already be considered a big step towards improving their football prediction skills. Bets on football matches are an ancient occupation, bringing much money to many people, and this can achieve with only desire.

Football betting tips for novice players

The first thing you can advise a novice player is an in-depth study of statistics. Of course, statistics from a decade ago will not do much for you, but the latest team results and recent face-to-face meetings will be able to say a lot. Do not also forget to view news relating to the immediate situation in the teams themselves.

Please pay attention to the position of the head coach (has he come to this post for a long time, do they not predict his resignation, etc.) and the role in the team of those players who will miss the upcoming fight due to suspension or health problems. The more information about the match you collect, the more likely it is that you predict its outcome correctly.

Professional betters (capers) who know exactly how to bet on football will learn almost everything about the match they are interested in, including the team of referees, the state of the lawn and possible weather conditions during the game. Of course, the knowledge of such information will not help 100% percent to figure out how to bet on football, but it will be a significant help for the player (privateer).

However, this analytical part of the work doesn’t end, because now you need to decide which of the many online offices (or in one of the offline points of payment acceptance) you put. After reading reviews to stay at one of the most responsible offices, already having a good reputation and positive feedback from customers is best of all.

It is essential not to change your decision at the last moment before making your bet under the influence of the opinions of friends or other players of the bookmaker office, who disagree with your betting option and supposedly know how to correctly bet on football. Always hold your own opinion, and if it supports by statistical data, then a large percentage of successful bets will be guaranteed.

Football betting options

Understanding the thorny question of how to bet on football, it is worth mentioning which types of events, in addition to the usual victory of one of the teams and a draw, can be offered to you by bookmakers in their lines. The official total for football is 2.5, but there are exceptions.

It mainly concerns meetings of clear leaders and outsiders, when a large number of goals scored against the latter expected. In this case, the total can be increased to 3.5 the result of the first half of the meeting. You can make good money on this type of bet, as the main events of a large number of matches unfold in the second half of it.

You can try to put the first half less or for good odds on a draw, which is quite likely. To understand which team will be able to score the first goal in a match, you need to find statistics on the tallied balls and painted by the minute. In this case, it is possible to assume who should upset a rival first.

Tremendous odds have events in which it is necessary to guess how exactly the football match will end. It is challenging to do, but a good gain will be able to offset many of the previous costs of the game. A bet on the fact that a particular player will be able to hit the opponent’s goal throughout the match – on the personal total, usually gives a terrific win.

Therefore, having studied the state of the leading scorers of the teams, you may well try to guess one of the authors of the goals scored in the match. We present to your attention a list of essential tips on football betting odds, obtained as a result of experiences and failures:

  • Choice of confrontation – each game must be chosen from familiar championships that you have either previously analyzed, or want to proceed with it;
  • If one or several bets in a row do not pass, in no case can one rush headlong to recoup, as a rule, this leads to complete collapse and bankruptcy;
  • Appreciate the money on the game account – this applies to those betters who want to achieve success in capping. Putting large sums and all the more all funds can not;
  • Learn to control emotions and excitement – this will allow you to stop at the right moment. Because of this, you will always be in the black, and your game balance will not become empty because of unjustified greed.
  • If suddenly you made one bet, but after a while, the coefficient on it became more, in no case do not put on it again. In case of loss, you will lose money. It would be better if you then use them at another event.
  • Using odds less than 1.30 and more than 1.90 – this can lead to a loss of the bet — events with similar coefficients not recommended, even if you have collected an express from several games.
  • Making bets in live mode, you make more mistakes – this justified by the fact that in real time we bet on matches that we practically didn’t analyze. In connection with the course of the game, the betters are bustling around and want to catch a profitable odor. It is on the rush and greed that the bookmakers are betting in live mode matches.

Each of these tips can help you at one time or another. Besides, experts strongly recommend that you use particular sources and in more detail to study the strategy of betting on football.

To get an answer to the question: “How to bet on football?” more and more players want to have a permanent profit from the game in the bookmaker’s office. Moreover, this is not surprising, because such bets have always been and remain the most popular, and the number of their lines almost every day exceeds the set of events in other known sports.

Football Betting in 2020 – What’s New?

The year 2020 has brought about a lot of changes for many of us, and this has not been limited to just football. This year has impacted industries across the entire globe, and sport was not excluded. Clubs, managers, players, staff and anyone involved in the game right down to the fans and supporters, have had to make changes to accommodate and take precaution. What does this mean for betting and what other changes have we seen this year?

How Will This Year’s Changes Impact Matches?

When playing at the highest levels, understanding the psychology of the team and players, can be detrimental to the outcome of the game. As a punter, you will need to consider these factors along with a few others when placing your stake. The bad news is that, given this is unprecedented however, there is very little data to go by or history to review. How does an empty stadium affect teams and players? Will the lack of support in the stands whittle away at the confidence of the teams and players? How hungry and determined are these players to battle for glory, without the adulation of the crowd? These are important factors to consider and note, as they clearly can have a say on the outcome of any match.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Our data suggests that punters are also changing the way they bet, and this has given rise to other methods of betting such as Bookmaker Specials. This type of bet has steadily increased in popularity as it becomes more and more exciting for the punter to cash in on. The amount of new variables thrown into a match now might well go in your favour as both oddsmakers and punters scramble to understand and predict certain outcomes. The variables therefore create more opportunity to capitalise on some odds and we believe this is why Specials are increasingly more sought-after.

Markets In Demand

Another more popular market is the Anytime Goalscorer option. As the title suggests, your pick would include a player you believe will score within the 90 minute mark. This gives punters a much larger window of opportunity to win, versus the previously more popular First Goalscorer market. The odds are understandably less but 2020 might just be the year to refine your betting strategies given the variables it has brought about.

For those braver and more confident, we have seen an increased interest in the Market Result + betting type. This means punters bet on the outcome of the game + another bet of their choice. Frequently, this type of bet is coupled up with BTTS (both teams to score) or Match Winner to Nil (No goals scored against the winning team). This therefore further suggests that bookmakers will have to continually evolve into a personalised model by which punters are given more and more flexibility with their betting.

2020 therefore has brought about changes in betting, how to bet and also offered a lot of insight into the future of football betting. Bookmakers can use this time to more effectively cater for the demands on punters, whilst punters can enjoy more flexibility and winning possibilities.