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South American Football Confederation is one of 6 continental confederations of world football and the oldest among them, founded on 7/7/1916 in Buenos Aires during the South American Championship among teams (was timed to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the independence of Argentina); later named America’s Cup. The new organization owes its appearance to the efforts of the Uruguayan sports figure E. Rivadavia Gómez (he became its first president, holding this post for 20 years – from 1916 to 1936). The first member countries of CONMEBOL were Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile. The first constituent congress of the confederation (12/15/1916) ratified the decision on its creation. Subsequently, it was joined by the rest of South

America (the last in 1952 was Venezuela), with the exception of Guyana, Guiana and Suriname (all of them are included in CONCACAF). According to the number of member countries (10) is the smallest among all 6 continental confederations of football. This is the only confederation, all countries of which are members of FIFA and the IOC.

Headquarters are in Luka (Paraguay). The current president is A. Dominguez (Paraguay; since 2016). General Secretary – A. G. Maron (Argentina). Major decisions (including presidential elections) are made by Congress, which meets once every two years. The implementation of these decisions is the responsibility of the Executive Committee (consists of the president, three vice-presidents, the general secretary, the treasurer and 6 directors). In the structure of the organization: an ethics committee, a disciplinary court and the Appeals Chamber. In 2006, for the first time the prestigious South American international tournament was won by the Mexican team. “Pachuka” in the final was stronger than the famous Chilean club “Kolo-Kolo”.

Top scorers CONMEBOL

Santa CruzParaguay11232

Cup format

Each national federation is assigned a certain number of seats, depending on the level of the domestic championship. The federations themselves already deduce the criteria by which clubs are invited to participate in this competition. This may be a high place in the championship, which, however, did not allow getting into the Libertadores Cup; good game at the beginning of the season; qualifying tournament or any other service to the organization. The winner of the previous draw always gets a place outside the quota. The Cup itself is played in a two-leg cup system (in 2003 there was a small group stage at the preliminary stage – three clubs in a group). In the first round, teams from Brazil and Argentina play each other, as the representation of these countries is the largest (usually six to eight teams). And then – everything, as in all world cup tournaments – play-off games with knockout. From 2013 season indefinitely, the tournament will be called “Copa America”, since the title sponsor has once again changed (revised from June 2013).

Famous catastrophe in “Primera division

The catastrophe occurred late in the evening on November 28 (in the morning of the 29th Moscow time) due to the lack of fuel from the liner. On board were 81 people, including nine crew members, football players and Shapecoens staff, as well as journalists accredited to the club.

The main tournaments organized by the confederation: among teams – America’s Cup (Copa Libertadores; men’s tournament – from 1916, women’s – from 1991; 1 time in 4 years) and the South American championship among youth (age – up to 20 years; men’s – from 1954; women’s – since 2004; 1 time in 2 years) and youthful (up to 17 – from 1985 among young men and from 2008 among girls; up to 15 years from 2004 among young men; 1 time in 2 years) teams; among the clubs (annual) are the Libertadores Cup (the Copa Libertadores; the men’s since 1960, the women’s since 2009; the youth since 2011), the South American Cup (the Copa Sudamericana; since 2002) and the South America Super Cup (Recuda Sudamericana since 1989); as well as the Futsal America’s Cup (since 1991; 1 time in 2 years) and the CONMEBOL Beach Football Championship (since 2006; 1 time in 2 years). Since 1993, teams from other confederations have been invited to participate in the America’s Cup (teams from CONCACAF, AFC and UEFA participated).

Independiente won the South American Cup a year after the tragedy of “Chapecoense”

“Independiente” on the road played a draw with “Flamengo” in the second leg of the final of the South American Cup. This result helped the Argentine club to win the tournament, since the first meeting was won – 2: 1″Independiente” became the first owner of this trophy after the tragedy that happened in November 2016. The plane with the players, “Chaquecoense”, flying to the final match of the South American Cup against “Atletico Nacional”, crashed on the territory of Colombia. Three players survived the crash

As part of the world football championships, Football organizationhas the right to 4 guaranteed places in the final tournament and one is not guaranteed (the 5th South American team meets in the play-offs with a rival from another confederation – the best team in Oceania). The confederation qualifying tournament is a round robin competition among 10 participating teams – two matches between each other at home and away. 03/28/2017 Brazil became the first country to qualify for the 2018 World Cup.

Brasil: Serie A

Confederation representatives participated in all 20 championships (1930–2014): Brazil did not miss a single tournament, Argentina participated in 16, and Uruguay – in 12. Next followed by Chile (9 participations), Paraguay (8), Colombia (5), Peru (4), Bolivia and Ecuador (3 times). I have never participated in the final tournaments of the world championships Venezuela. The largest number of teams from Football organization was represented at the first world championships 1930-7, the smallest in 1938 one (Brazil). Football organization teams have 9 world champions titles: Brazil has 5, Argentina and Uruguay have 2 each. Football organization countries have hosted the world championship 5 times: Brazil twice (1950 and 2014) and Chile once (1962) and Argentina (1978); at the same time, only once the tournament in a tournament was celebrated by a team from another continent (Germany in 2014). Representatives of Football organization also applied for the World Championships 1938 (Argentina), 1970 (Argentina, Colombia), 1994 (Brazil, Chile), 2006 (Brazil). Due to financial problems, Colombia refused to hold the 1986 World Cup (held in Mexico).