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All winners of the Champions League:

Real Madrid133
Bayern Munich55
Manchester United32
Nottingham Forest20
Hamburger SV11
Steaua București11
Borussia Dortmund11
Aston Villa10
PSV Eindhoven10
Red Star Belgrade10

The League of Nations is a new tournament from UEFA for 55 member countries of the organization. They invented it, having decided that standard friendly matches no longer arouse the necessary interest in the national teams and fans. The League of Nations did not replace the selection for the Euro. This is a parallel story through which there is a chance to get to the European Championship. But the classic qualification has not gone away.

UEFA Champions League

The Champions League is the oldest and most prestigious European Cup tournament, combining the best clubs in Europe. Football confrontations in European arenas are included in the list of the most popular sporting events in the World. Millions of football fans are watching her live every year, on TV, or just online, near the computer. The tournament collects billions in profits from advertising, from TV broadcasts; clubs replenish their budget by selling tickets and paraphernalia. All this makes it possible for football teams to develop successfully, to make transfers (sometimes very loud), and to make the tournament more interesting every year.

Championship 2015-2016 fully met the expectations of many fans of entertainment, unpredictability, beauty of the game. Fans and betters are also waiting for the next football holiday from Champions League. Already before the beginning of the main part, some questions had already formed that interested most of the fans. Chief among them: will the dominance of Spanish football continue in the world? The previous season of the Euro Cup showed that the Spaniards are not going to give up, but the 2014 World Championship gave the fans a real sensation. Team Del Bosque did not leave the group in the final part of the tournament, and their performance in general caused a wave of bewilderment. Because what to expect from them in the new Euro season is an open question. In addition, German football is currently rising. Will there be a change of dominant parties in the coming year? Time will tell.

UEFA Nations League is the most prestigious tournament not only in Europe, but throughout the world. Participation in the Champions League is a dream of any football club and its fans. The games in this tournament attract millions of viewers to blue screens and hundreds of thousands of fans to the stadiums. The UEFA Champions League is the heat of passion and many beautiful goals. In this league the best clubs of the world and the best football players play. This year there are already several contenders for winning the Champions League. Among them – last year’s winner of Bavaria and such top clubs as Barcelona and Manchester United. However, do not overlook the rest of the team, because there are no longer any weak ones in this tournament!

New European Cup from UEFA Europa League

A few days ago it became known that European club football is waiting for another revolution. UEFA supported the idea of ​​creating another European Cup, which will be played for the first time in the 2021/22 season.

Why is UEFA a new tournament?

The answer is money. You can hear a huge amount of comments on “international experience for small clubs” or “more international matches”, but these are just beautiful words. The only motivation in modern football is money. Creating a new tournament will help kill several birds with one stone. It is already known that this will reduce the number of LU participants from 48 to 32 clubs. This automatically increases the fighting density, competitiveness and level of competition. Interest growth = profit growth. At the same time, a new tournament (we offer the name of the UEFA Challenge Cup, that is, the Challenge Cup, run-in in various sports) will cover even more countries that rarely have representatives even in the LE group. New markets = profit growth.

Top scorers Champions League:

Cristiano RonaldoPortugal157121
Lionel MessiArgentina128106
Karim BenzemaFrance10959
Ruud van NistelrooyNetherlands7356
Robert LewandowskiPoland7751
Thierry HenryFrance11250
Alfredo Di StéfanoArgentina5849
Andriy ShevchenkoUkraine10048
Zlatan IbrahimovićSweden12048

As it was?

Not so long ago, UEFA had to abandon the third most important tournament – the Intertoto Cup. It was a parody of the official tournament, which had neither a final a single winner, nor even a trophy. To demonstrate the importance of this competition, name at least two clubs that won the Intertoto Cup. But when creating a new UEFA competition, several key mistakes must be avoided at once:

  • Second-grade (or third-grade) new tournament. If in any competition you can get out of another tournament, then winning it is much less appreciated. It is because of this that the Europa League will always be the “ugly girlfriend” of the Champions League. If they take off even from the LE in the Challenge Cup, this tournament is doomed to failure.
  • Bad time. Interest in the Europa League is not so high also because its matches are held after the games of the Champions League. That is, the average fan starts with a dessert on Tuesday and Wednesday, and on Thursday they give him a salad of mediocre vegetables. This can be changed with one simple solution – transferring the LU matches to Tuesday, and the Champions League – on Wednesday and Thursday. So the Europa League could become a warm-up before the more interesting matches, and not the uninteresting application of the European Cup week. The Intertoto Cup solved the problem of competition by taking out their matches for July. The new creation from UEFA will be enough to hold matches in the weeks, free from other European cups.
  • Lack of novelty. If the new tournament becomes a copy of its elder brothers and only has to expand the number of participants, then nothing good will come of it. Perhaps UEFA makes sense to use it as a testing ground for innovations. For example, do not think about whether you need a VAR, but introduce it in the youngest of European cups and get food for thought. Do not think about resolving the fourth substitution, but allow you to make an unlimited number of substitutions and check how this will affect football. Do not argue about the abolition of the rule of the guest goal, and test it. Challenge Cup may be the most innovative football tournament of our time, but for this you need a strong decision from above.

So far it remains only to guess what will come out of this crazy undertaking. But I really do not want the preparation for the launch of a new tournament to be more interesting than the tournament itself.

What is the essence of UEFA Super Cup reform?

Friendly matches of national teams, as a rule, do not cause heightened interest and do not bring so much money to UEFA. The European football guide thought about how to increase profits in those days when there are no major international tournaments. And they decided that instead of control meetings, the national teams will hold a tournament, which promises them not only additional income, but also the opportunity to be selected for the Euro. Something that reminds the Europa League where the grandees seem to be uninteresting, but a ticket to the Champions League is at stake. This does not mean that now there will be no friendly matches at all, it’s just that their number will decrease, but the opportunity to test themselves against the background of teams from, say, South America is not going anywhere.

Who does she belong to?

The reform was initiated by former UEFA president Michel Platini who managed to lobby for it until the scandalous suspension from football activities in December 2015. Thus, the Frenchman wanted to remove from the national federations the task of finding rivals in friendly matches and to take over the financial regulation of the processes. The format proposed by his team, which will be discussed below, from the financial point of view suited everyone. Otherwise, three years ago, all 54 members of UEFA would not stand unanimously for approving an ambitious project. A little later, the Kosovo Football Federation became part of the organization, but even in the event of its protest, the process is already irreversible.

What is the format of the tournament?

55 participants will be divided into four divisions – A, B, C and D. The first two will be formed from 12 teams, and the remaining 15 and 16, respectively. The distribution of the national teams will depend entirely on the UEFA rating, or rather, on its position after the completion of the 2018 World Cup qualifying round. Thus, in the middle of November we will find out who will play with who but this is not all. Each division will be divided into four groups of three teams in at least each. Participants will hold two-round tournaments between them, the results of which winners go on promotion in the classroom, and outsiders fall even lower. In Division A, the four best teams will compete for victory in the League of Nations according to the standard playoff system. The venue will be chosen from one of the participating countries, which will have to provide two stadiums for four meetings – two semi-finals, a match for third place and a final.

What is at stake?

As mentioned above, we are talking about a significant increase in the incomes of the federations, which is especially important for not the very top teams. An additional source of income would definitely not hurt the RAF, as well as the opportunity to win one of four vouchers for the European Championship. The four best teams in each division will compete in the playoff system for participating in the main UEFA tournament, so the chances are all about equal due to humane competition. If the participant has already secured access to the Euro, then his place in the draw is the next national team. It may happen that there are not four teams for a full playoff, in which case an additional one will be provided from the next division.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Foolball players are often BDSM fans, because of the feeling of control and victory. And the choice of premium leather accessories turns into Anoeses: anoeses.com
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